Thanks to my PAF case manager for working with me on my insurance denial!


I was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis after a year of procedures and testing when my liver enzymes were found to be elevated. The team of doctors I chose for a 2nd opinion sent biopsies for targeted genomic sequencing which allowed them to see if I had any type of cancer that they were not able to see on my ERCP without further testing. By doing the targeted genomic testing, they discovered there was no evidence of cancer at this time. This testing allows doctors to treat underlying cancer and other illnesses early, thus saving lives and money… After [my case manager] exhausted internal appeals with my insurer, she knew the next steps for an external review – what was needed and where to send it, they don’t always make it clear… an outside review overturned the decision, and my targeted genomic sequencing was covered! Thank you PAF for all your hard work and help!

Jennifer I primary sclerosing cholangitis