At no cost to you, Patient Advocate Foundation case managers are here to help address any roadblocks to access and affordability:

Insurance Navigation Services

• Review of health insurance benefits and plan language, including coverage of genomic tests, clinical trials or second opinions

• Facilitating insurance appeal process at all levels, for access to genomic testing or identified treatment

• Screening and connection to clinical trials matching genomic test results

• Securing pre-authorization for prescribed care identified by genomic test results

• Assistance communicating with insurance company related to off-label indications for treatment or therapy identified by genomic test results

• Resolving coding and billing issues related to genomic testing

Financial Assistance Related to Personalized Care

• Negotiating free / reduced drug or treatment access as determined by genomic test results

• Navigating patients to appropriate resources for required co-payment, co-insurance, premium or deductibles to help pay for prescribed care

Other Needs

• Referrals to appropriate emotional and psychosocial support services

• Provision of relevant educational materials

You can reach the Personalized Medicine CareLine team by calling (866) 460-1928.